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If you need Pressure Washing we have the solution.

With years of experience and a passion to make the world a more beautiful place to be, the guys and gals at Blue Mountain Services are your best option for pressure washing and exterior cleaning in North Carolina. We are open 6 days a week and operate within 100 miles of Fayetteville, NC to tend to all your cleaning needs! Our team specializes in washing homes, businesses, concrete, bricks and more. Bottom line: If it is exposed to the elements WE CAN CLEAN IT!

Service – Safety – Quality

These three items are what is most important to us. Every member of our team is dedicated to not only keeping you informed but going the extra mile whenever possible.

We are dedicated to your safety and the safety of our employees day and day out because we care. This isn’t just “what we do for a living”, this is how we serve our community and contribute to making North Carolina a more beautiful place to be. With that, we do everything possible to make sure your property isn’t damaged by selection the right pressure washing method to get the job done without harming your property.

You deserve the highest quality clean possible and that’s what we deliver. Your guests will know just who you are when they see how how clean the exterior and entrances to your property are!

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