A Very Effective Way To Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out

A Very Effective Way For Sellers To Make Their Real Estate Listing Stand Out. Selling property can be daunting. Preparing the property for sale, finding a buyer, getting the deal funded, and many other tasks stand between you and putting money in the bank. This is time consuming! You can greatly reduce the time it […]

Who will be coming to my house to wash my property and how will I recognize them?

One (possibly two) of our technicians will come to your home wearing blue shirts displaying our logo on the front, back, and both sleeves.In most cases we will first connect to your home’s water supply then knock on the front door to say hello and notify you that we will begin work shortly. Not only […]

How do you wash a house?

Step 1: Protect plants and treesPlanters and trees close to the home will be gently rinsed with fresh water before cleaning begins. This will prevent plants from absorbing any runoff during the cleaning process If more sensitive plants (Roses, Maples, Ivy, etc.) are present they will be covered with an extra light plastic film or […]

What is the green stuff on my house?

Algae! In our region of the country algae growth is abundant because it thrives in warm temperatures, , high humidity, and shade (sound familiar?). Most every home in southeastern NC will need to be cleaned every two years at minimum, and depending on other factors like shade and proximity to water some homes may require […]