Concrete Cleaning

Pressure Washing Your Driveway

Concrete Cleaning

Your driveway and walkways are two of the most prominent features of your home or business. Yet, it‘s very easy to let these surfaces to go uncleaned for years. If cleaning is put off for long enough, dirt and algae can build up so thick that slips and falls are a real possibility!

The Process That Sets Us Apart:

1. Inspecting And Testing Concrete

Before cleaning concrete we carefully inspect the surface to make sure it will tolerate the cleaning process. There are a few factors we look for to determine this:

  • Texture
  • Age
  • Color
  • Consistency
  • Cream

After taking these factor into consideration we can decide on how your concrete can be cleaned. In most cases we will move on to pre treating your concrete.

2. Pre Treating The Surface

Pre treating your concrete is a key step to a thorough cleaning. This part of the process allows us to break the bond between dirt and the surface of your concrete before we start removing that dirt. It’s all about the deepest clean possible. We also use this as an opportunity to blow any loose rocks and small debris off of the concrete.

3. Surface Cleaning

This part of our process is where the cleaning start to take place. We use a specialized piece of equipment to clean your driveway uniformly. This is best done by using the lowest possible pressure setting and lots of water. Once the entire surface is clean we rinse thoroughly to wash away the dirt. By this time the driveway is already looking a lot better, but there is one finishing touch that makes the concrete pop.

4. Post Treatment

This step is what we like to call “the final touch”. Post treating is probably the biggest difference between a driveway thats pretty cleaned and a driveway that is clean and crisp. If you are wondering what we mean by this, take a closer look at the pictures above. They really are worth a thousand words!


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