How do you wash a house?

Step 1: Protect plants and trees
Planters and trees close to the home will be gently rinsed with fresh water before cleaning begins. This will prevent plants from absorbing any runoff during the cleaning process

If more sensitive plants (Roses, Maples, Ivy, etc.) are present they will be covered with an extra light plastic film or misted with a neutralizer to make sure they do not come in contact with cleaning soap.

Our technicians exercise extreme caution around landscaping. We will not damage your flowers!

Step 2: Apply the soap at low pressure from bottom to top.
 This part of the process is where all the magic happens. All organic stains, dirt, and grime will be released from your home’s exterior restoring its original glory! Soffits gleam like the day they were hung and window frames will regain their shine! Siding and columns come clean leaving your home a more welcoming and enjoyable space for your family and guests..

Step 3: Fresh Water Rinse
In the final step of the process we rinse your home and once again, all surrounding plants and flowers with a high volume of water at low pressure. As the soap is rinsed away you will see the incredible difference a house wash will make!

This service is offered in Fayetteville, Raeford, Hope Mills, Rockfish, Parkton, Spring Lake, Cedar Creek, Grays Creek, Stedman, Linden, Wade, Eastover, Vander, Fort Bragg, Pinehurst, and Southern Pines.