A Very Effective Way To Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out

A Very Effective Way For Sellers To Make Their Real Estate Listing Stand Out.

Selling property can be daunting. Preparing the property for sale, finding a buyer, getting the deal funded, and many other tasks stand between you and putting money in the bank. This is time consuming! You can greatly reduce the time it takes to sell your property, increasing the number of interested buyers, and improve your reputation for selling turn key homes. By employing the same methods used to sell any high cost item you can improve the way buyers perceive your listing. It’s this simple:

Present A Clean Property!

There’s no way around it folks! Perception is reality. If a FOR SALE home isn’t clean on the outside then how do you think your buyer will form their first impression? Sure, they may be able to get past that weathered image and wonder what it might look like after being cleaned. They may be optimistic about what what it could look like. But there is no replacement for making a glowing first impression. So make sure your property is standing tall before you list it or as soon as possible! Cleaning your home before selling will allow you to stand out above more than half of the listings seen in our local market.

See For Yourself!

Take just 10 minutes to look at the listing in our local market. Many of these properties are capable of looking Postcard Perfect. Yet, many sellers overlook this competetive edge. Pay close attention to the following parts of these homes. There are many opportunities for improvement in your listing:


Black streaks caused by algae can be cleaned to perfection

Black streaks on a home’s roof are unsightly. Many buyers assume the roof will need to be replaced or repaired on appearance alone. That first impression needs to be the absolute best.


Green, Black, and Gray Algae Can Be Cleaned To Perfection

Judging by the first photo, this home looks like it may be condemned! Your Listing will Be more eye catching with pictures like the bottom photo. For very little cost this home took on a whole new life in just a few hours.

Soffits And Trim

Dirt, Spiderwebs, Algae, And Bugs Can Be Cleaned

Soffits are the first places you will see dirt and algae begin to build up. Getting your home to look “postcard perfect” is all about the details that we focus our attention on!

Driveways And Walkways

Dirt, Algae, Rust, And Debris Build Up Can Be Cleaned

The difference can be remarkable! Bringing your driveway back to “like new” condition will make your listing look more like a home, and less like a project. I would venture to say that the after picture looks even better than most new driveways!

Postcard Perfection

Make Your Listings Stand Tall On The Market And Command Attention!

The purpose of this article is to educate you on how to identify opportunities to increase showings and improve market performance for your listing. The task of selling a home can be overwhelming. Eliminate some of the stress and streamline this process by preparing your property for sale… the right way!