Roof Cleaning

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Roof Cleaning

The First Rule Of Roof Cleaning: DO NOT USE PRESSURE.

Pressure will takes YEARS off the life of your shingles and does not kill the black algae build up. This means the roof will have to be cleaned more often. Yikes!

Blue Mountain Services uses a soft wash process to take years off of the appearance of your roof. Our process will preserve your roofs integrity while making it look new again. This job done safely by taking the following steps:

1. Protect The Property

The chemicals used to clean your roof can and will hurt plants if care isn’t taken to protect them. We pre wet all plants and flowers before beginning. Doing this will help shield the plants if chemicals somehow manage to splash on them. During the entire process we continue to wet plants to further protect them. We also collect the runoff from gutter downspouts with bags and dispose of the waste off site. If needed, we will also cover plants known to be sensitive to chemicals like Maples, Ivy, Roses, and delicate flowers.

2. Clear The Area Around Your Home

When cleaning your roof we ask that you move all furniture and outdoor decorations away front the home. If you are not able to move the items away yourself please let us know and we will be glad to help. Some materials are sensitive to the roof washing solution and should be protected. Animals should be kept inside or away from the work area to avoid contact with the roof wash solution as well.

3. Apply The Roof Wash Solution

This part of the process is done by spraying a carefully blended solution onto your shingle or metal roof. We work in small areas to manage runoff and keep your plants protected. Working in small areas is also the key to consistent results. In the case of shingle roofs we must rinse the roof its self as soon at it is cleaned. In most cases we do not rinse shingle roofs after cleaning.

4. Final Rinse

We rinse your plants and home after the roof wash process to wash away any residual solution. This is just another way we preserve the plants around your home. We do not rinse your roof because the solution needs time to work over night. You will see great results the day of the service but magic happens over the next 2 weeks when the shingles go from looking old and worn to as new as they could possibly look! Just take another look at the picture above!
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