What is the green stuff on my house?


In our region of the country algae growth is abundant because it thrives in warm temperatures, , high humidity, and shade (sound familiar?). Most every home in southeastern NC will need to be cleaned every two years at minimum, and depending on other factors like shade and proximity to water some homes may require a house wash twice per year. Not to worry though! Blue Mountain Services is here to restore your home to its original glory with a single phone call or message.
If you prefer the “set it and forget it” approach we also offer maintenance plans for one part or all parts of your property to make sure your home keeps its edge year round. Call, e-mail, or fill out any contact form on this website to take the first step toward a cleaner home exterior.

This service is offered in Fayetteville, Raeford, Hope Mills, Rockfish, Parkton, Spring Lake, Cedar Creek, Grays Creek, Stedman, Linden, Wade, Eastover, Vander, Fort Bragg, Pinehurst, and Southern Pines.